Movie Review: Wonder (2017)

I was wondering why Justice League is not performing better, but after I watched this movie “Wonder”, I know the reason why. Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson bring their best performance but the most stellar performance is from all kiddos! All kids actors (I include Via, Justin and Miranda) are totally BADASS! Even personally, I … Continue reading Movie Review: Wonder (2017)


Movie Review: Murder On The Orient Express (2017)

Everyone is a suspect! And I do love the movie line. About last week, akhirnya gue nonton Murder On The Orient Express yang berasal dari best seller novel nya Agatha Christie. Buat yang udah pernah baca novelnya, gue yakin film ini perlu buat ditonton juga kok. Here's why: A-List actors/actresses are in this movie! Yep … Continue reading Movie Review: Murder On The Orient Express (2017)