Movie Review: Despicable Me 3

Ba.. Ba.. Banana.. Yeah! They are back! Those cute little evil is coming back again! This time, I have another lucky opportunity to be able to watch the latest Minions movie earlier! Feel sooo excited to share you my review about this movie. Ready, set, bello! Yep, there is not only one Gru, but this … Continue reading Movie Review: Despicable Me 3


Year-End Animated Movie: Moana vs SING

Hae hae. Inget kah beberapa waktu lalu di Instagram, gue pernah posting foto keponakan gue yang abis nonton film kartun Moana, plus klo kalian temenan di Path, seminggu kemudian gw posting film SING? Nah, buat kalian yang belom nonton, ini ada sedikit ulasan dari gue atas kedua filem keluarga tersebut. Plus tambahan saran dari … Continue reading Year-End Animated Movie: Moana vs SING