Movie Review: Wonder (2017)

I was wondering why Justice League is not performing better, but after I watched this movie “Wonder”, I know the reason why. Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson bring their best performance but the most stellar performance is from all kiddos! All kids actors (I include Via, Justin and Miranda) are totally BADASS! Even personally, I … Continue reading Movie Review: Wonder (2017)


Movie Review: Murder On The Orient Express (2017)

Everyone is a suspect! And I do love the movie line. About last week, akhirnya gue nonton Murder On The Orient Express yang berasal dari best seller novel nya Agatha Christie. Buat yang udah pernah baca novelnya, gue yakin film ini perlu buat ditonton juga kok. Here's why: A-List actors/actresses are in this movie! Yep … Continue reading Movie Review: Murder On The Orient Express (2017)

Movie Review: Marlina The Murderer in Four Acts (2017)

Booyah!! Tahun ini kayanya tahun dimana gue nonton film Indonesia lebih dari dua kali hihihi. Bukannya gue gak support film Indonesia, tapi gue berusaha menghindar dari film film yang model horor geje dan gitu deh hahaha. Kadang selera gue mainstream, tapi ada juga yang bukan film gede tapi gue tetep nonton. Salah satunya ya film … Continue reading Movie Review: Marlina The Murderer in Four Acts (2017)

Movie Review: Coco (2017)

Hola! Como estas? After a bit disappointment with Justice League, I encourage myself to watch Coco, a new full length movie from Disney’s Pixar. Here’s some of my review about the latin influenced movie. Coco is not a kids dedicated movie. It is more than that. All familia should come and embrace this greatness! I … Continue reading Movie Review: Coco (2017)

Movie Review: Justice League (2017)

All hail superheroes! This November, all DC heroes are gathered around to fight for human on earth. Just a week ago, I have a chance to watched this DC ensemble on the first date in IMAX. So, here's my thoughts: Story wise, Justice League is lighter than other DC heroes. You'll get a slight and … Continue reading Movie Review: Justice League (2017)

Movie Review: Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

Here’s the things about Thor: Ragnarok 1. You love Marvel & you love playing Ragnarok online? Well, gak ada hubungannya sih, tapi yang pasti sama sama bikin enjoy. 2. Hail team Revengers! 3. If you do love android device and current iOS, you’ll be fall in love with this too. Soo colorful. 4. As predicted, … Continue reading Movie Review: Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

Movie Review: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017)

How do I start about this big budget movie, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets? Mmm.. Let me summarize what I feel after I watch this movie below: Visual Effect is STUNNING! Everything seems so real and my eyes are so happy to see the effects. And this is the main reason why … Continue reading Movie Review: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017)

Movie Review: War For The Planet of The Apes

Hey hoomans, are you still thinking that you are the best creature in this planet? Think again because Caesar will makes you think twice. The Planet of The Apes series is coming back. Don't take a stand on Hoomans or Apes 🦍 before you read my review below: 😌😝😜 Before going further, please rewatched the first … Continue reading Movie Review: War For The Planet of The Apes

Movie Review: Dunkirk

By the time you read this post, I unsure whether this great movie is still available on the theater nearby. But before it's too late, let me share my thought after I watched this movie last week. Here you go! First of all and personally, I'm proud to say that this movie is the best … Continue reading Movie Review: Dunkirk

Movie Review: Despicable Me 3

Ba.. Ba.. Banana.. Yeah! They are back! Those cute little evil is coming back again! This time, I have another lucky opportunity to be able to watch the latest Minions movie earlier! Feel sooo excited to share you my review about this movie. Ready, set, bello! Yep, there is not only one Gru, but this … Continue reading Movie Review: Despicable Me 3