Movie Review: Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle (2017)

Oh, I wanted to shared my thoughts about this movie.

1. It’s so hard to leave the past behind, but 2017 Jumanji done it well. From a heart warming 1995 movie to movie kekinian by bringing board game to a video game.
2. I praised all the actors, except The Rock. Jack Black, Kevin Hart, Jonas and Karen Gillian are the spotlights. But Robin Williams still be the heart of Jumanji *gagal move on*
3. A bit weird storyline but hey what do you expect in a video game? NPC are everywhere.
4. Those animals, I think is the only living connections between 1995 and 2017 😌
5. Bring all your kids to the theater, LSF already cuts all kissing scenes, so it is safe 😌
6. Well personally, I feel bored during the first 75% of this movie. And the rest 25% are definitely comes from Jack Black and Kevin Hart acts. They are the bomb in this movie.

Last, I still prefer to ask you to watch Wonders for a family movies, but if you still love 1995’s Jumanji, you are welcome.

*if you forced me to give a rating, this will be 7/10, due to my number 6 reason*

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