Movie Review: Wonder (2017)

I was wondering why Justice League is not performing better, but after I watched this movie “Wonder”, I know the reason why.


  1. Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson bring their best performance but the most stellar performance is from all kiddos! All kids actors (I include Via, Justin and Miranda) are totally BADASS! Even personally, I think Owen Wilson should be as a supporting role here. They delivered an honest performance about how to keep on struggling no matter what your condition is.
  2. Each character in this movie is just great. Not too a single person centric, but even Miranda has her own part. Oh I do love each one of them more and more.
  3. If you think Coco already have you in a tear-streams, then go watch Wonder and I bet you’ll be sobbing. Even I also have this small tears on my eyes on the last part of the movie.
  4. Full of great messages about family, friends and most of all how to keep your head up against bullying, this movie is totally worth your time.
  5. If you love Star Wars, you’ll love this movie too. There is a cameo from Star Wars characters which I believe you’ll be happy to see them too.
  6. No wonder that Rotten Tomatoes gave an approval rating of 85% fresh and CinemaScore also gave the film an average grade of A+. A heart warming movie and makes me wants to keep on singing “We are beautiful, no matter what they say and yes words can’t bring us down!” KUDOS!
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Wonder will be screening in theaters near you starting this Friday and will be a head to head with Star Wars: The Last Jedi soon.

One thought on “Movie Review: Wonder (2017)

  1. I loved this film! I was expecting this movie to be a child’s version of the classic “Elephant Man” but it was so much more. Delving into different aspects of Auggie’s life and developing the characters around him.

    This was brilliantly done and has a positive message for all ages and all walks of life. I highly recommend it for anyone!

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