Movie Review: Coco (2017)

Hola! Como estas? After a bit disappointment with Justice League, I encourage myself to watch Coco, a new full length movie from Disney’s Pixar. Here’s some of my review about the latin influenced movie.
  1. Coco is not a kids dedicated movie. It is more than that. All familia should come and embrace this greatness!
  2. I do love how Pixars portrayed the after-life world, not gloomy and makes kids close their eyes, instead, they make it so colorful. Me, as and “almost” adult, definitely enjoying the scene so much!
  3. Another plus about this movie is I really enjoy the music! Yes, Spanish Guitar, mariachi and all those latin rhythm really amused me. All cast voices are also rocks man!
  4. How about the story? It is SUPERBE!! I really enjoy the emotional roller coaster ride, one moment I laugh and the next I feel sad and some part of me wants to cry. The family relationship is totally as simple as our daily life and they bring it through a kids point of view. Something that is really rare this day.
  5. A pro tips from me before you entered the theater. I suggest you to read some of the Latin culture, because many cameos are taken from the their culture, like music, artists and even some dialogs are in Spanish.
  6. If you do love Disney’s please come early. There is an additional bonus for you, which is a 20 minutes Frozen movie! Yes, FROZEN.. (please don’t start singing Let It Go). This short movie is good even though I feel like a bit wasting my time. I do feel that the original Frozen is far better and this short movie is, personally, not that short. Nevertheless, Olaf will keep you entertain.
  7. Though Coco is available in 3D format, I think it is doesn’t matter if you watched this on 2D format. The pictures are still shine bright even for the sore eyes.
  8. Oh, please don’t get up so fast from your seat. No post scenes but do enjoy Miguel version of Remember Me. It’s worth the time.
So, if you want to have a family time this long weekend, I suggest you book the tickets now and watch Coco with your whole family!

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