Movie Review: Justice League (2017)

All hail superheroes! This November, all DC heroes are gathered around to fight for human on earth. Just a week ago, I have a chance to watched this DC ensemble on the first date in IMAX.


So, here’s my thoughts:

  1. Story wise, Justice League is lighter than other DC heroes. You’ll get a slight and short background for each hero and how they can ensemble. But, I’m okay with that rather than I have to watch another long scene as previous DC movies.
  2. This time, the jokes are far better. DC is a step away from a boring long dialogue/scenes to a witty jokes and fast pace action scenes. I love Mr Miller portrayed The Flash/Barry Allen. Reminds me of the clumsy Spidey.. Umm..
  3. I still raise my glass whenever Wonder Woman kick an ass LOL. She’s getting better than other heroes in this movie. The Flash is slightly behind her back.
  4. Oh, if you wondering, where the hell is Superman? Don’t worry, you’ll see him here and still sexy though. I think only Mr. Momoa can beat him in terms of sexyness and throw away Mr. Affleck LOL.
  5. The only sad point about this movie is, yes, still Snyder. And I think I don’t have to explain more and more about the word “Snyder”.
  6. If there’s no IMAX theater nearby, don’t worry. I also feel comme ci, comme ça
    about the VFX. Too similar with what I have saw on BvS and other DC movies. But still good though if you could watch this on bigger screen nearby.
  7. If you pay enough attention, you’ll see how Prince and David Bowie are being tribute in the movie and as Wonder Woman say, there will be more and more heroes coming (cross fingers).
  8. Don’t get up from your seat early, there will be 2 (yes TWO not one) post credit scenes. One is just for fun and the last one, will be the important bridge for the next movie and you’ll be happy to find a new ready to go villain.


So, based on my personal taste, Justice League is still behind the greatness of Wonder Woman, but a step ahead from Batman V Superman. Just buy the tickets, go to the cinema and enjoy the heroes ensemble!

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