Movie Review: Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017)

Eggsy is back this year. Though I’m just an ordinary people, below are my thoughts after watching Kingsman: The Golden Circle:


  1. Faster pace compare to the first movie, but less gory. This actually a minus point from me. On the first installment, I do love the church scenes (it was cut here in Indonesia) and the closing scenes when all the brains blow up. This time, you might still find blood (with flesh) but just as blood, not more.
  2. I do love the plot twist!! We all know from the trailer that Galahad Senior will be back on screen. But, the twist are MORE than that! I will not going to tell you what is all about, but definitely, I DO LOVE THE TWIST.
  3. Many cameos this time, but the most wasted one is Mr. Tatum. Yeah, you’ll feel the same way too once you have watched the movie. I think he deserved more scenes. Oh, Mrs. Berry is good though! She deserve a comeback I guess.
  4. Who took the attention? Not Eggsy, Not Galahad Senior, but Sir Elton John himself. YES, Sir Elton John still standing. He’s so freaking crazy and all out. And I think, without him, this movie will be a bit so-so.
  5. About the Statesman, they all good. But I really enjoy Whiskey’s lasso performance. I think he learned it from Wonder Woman on how to use it. 😜
  6. Speaking of villain, Mrs. Moore is not as good as I thought. She can not shows the evil inside Mrs. Poppy. She’s cute but less evil, even I think she didn’t have that “evil smirk” compare to Mrs. Streep (ya iyalah).
  7. I have two personal epic scenes on this movie, one is Elton John fighting scene and the last one is Merlin scenes. You can see both at the finale part. It was all hilarious and epic at the same time.
  8. Oh, why I haven’t talk about the main cast, Mr. Egerton? Mmmm. Personally, I think he’s not as his best this time. He just being Eggsy but with very less detail on this movie. Not much character building, so I should say, he’s just Okay.
  9. Last, I know that this movie also available on IMAX, but since it will be available on IMAX 2D, so I think the excitement will be the same with regular theater. And because I watched this movie on the Premiere Event in regular theater, I think this still okay.

So, the conclusion for this movie is that you will be pleased to see the fast pace, great actions, futuristic gadget but expect less in terms on story.



See ya guys!

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