Movie Review: War For The Planet of The Apes

Hey hoomans, are you still thinking that you are the best creature in this planet? Think again because Caesar will makes you think twice. The Planet of The Apes series is coming back.


Don’t take a stand on Hoomans or Apes 🦍 before you read my review below: 😌😝😜

  1. Before going further, please rewatched the first and second installment. There are much information about what is going on back then. But if you are okay to lost sight a bit, and you are welcome.
  2. On this third installment, I feel that all the casts, especially Mr. Serkis. The way he pictured Caesar is totally more human than a human itself. Kudos!
  3. The story line also getting better. Not much tense compare to Dawn, but for sure, this one will give you a very great mixing between actions and drama.
  4. Aside of actions and drama, I also enjoyed the way they served the funny side. Yep, I think Bad Ape is stealing the show. Still can not understand whether Bad Ape is intelligent or too stupid πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œπŸ˜
  5. I have heard that this year will be filled by either reboot, sequel or even prequel movie that make audience feel a bit fatigue. But I do agree with some other expert reviewers that War for The Planet of The Apes, is a good sequel to close the trilogy. Even though there are some speculation that Fox will make additional sequel, this one is still worth to watch.
  6. I forgot, whether you are still be able to see Mr. Franco in this movie or not, but I guess you won’t.
  7. Last word, I definitely feel that even apes can be more hoomans than hoomans itself.

So, have you decide on which side are you? If you haven’t decide, why don’t you follow my Path or Instagram account?! 😎



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