Movie Review: Dunkirk

By the time you read this post, I unsure whether this great movie is still available on the theater nearby. But before it’s too late, let me share my thought after I watched this movie last week. Here you go!


  1. First of all and personally, I’m proud to say that this movie is the best war movie in 2000 era. I do still love Mr. Spielberg “Saving Private Ryan” but, hey, we are already in 2000-ish right?!
  2. You will feel the drama, not through the dialogues but through your ears and your eyes. Sometimes all you need is just a silent act instead of words. You’ll get all that in this movie.
  3. Nolan, you such a good picture teller. It’s another masterpiece from you.
  4. All cast was superb. Even though at first, I’m a bit under estimate Mr. Styles, but he shows that he’s worth it.
  5. Oh, if you want to watch this movie, I strongly suggest you to watch in Dolby Atmos theatre. Your ears will be very pleased by Mr, Zimmers music. Trust me this time. If you are in Jakarta area, I suggest you to watched this on Epicentrum XXI, simply because it is already Dolby Atmos certified and the most important is it is THE CHEAPEST!
  6. Geez, I’m still trying to find some “not good” stuff but still can not find one.
  7. The only things that disturb me during the screening is those girls who sat behind me. They keep on screaming whenever Mr. Styles appeared on screen. Geez! You need to behave girls. Y’all watching a movie not in a music concert! I hate y’all from deep in my heart.

So, without further ado, YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS MOVIE while it last!!

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You’re welcome!

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