Movie Review: Despicable Me 3

Ba.. Ba.. Banana.. Yeah! They are back! Those cute little evil is coming back again! This time, I have another lucky opportunity to be able to watch the latest Minions movie earlier! Feel sooo excited to share you my review about this movie. Ready, set, bello!


  1. Yep, there is not only one Gru, but this time, make it double with his twins, yes TWINS, called DRU! If Gru is black then DRU is white, but you need to watch the difference by yourself ya!
  2. What I love about Despicable Me 3, is no other than the ridiculously performance of MINIONS! Yeah, they steal the show even though they are not the main characters, but I do love em.
  3. Missing the trio? They are getting even more cute in this movie. Dear Agnes, I wish you could have another unicorn, the real one!
  4. Dear mom and pop, I believe in the first 15 minutes of the movie, you will feel like a kid again. Simply because the 80’s ambience feel so real. It’s a plus for me.
  5. Another thing that I love about this movie is the accompany music. Pharrel Williams and Michael Jackson is ROCK!
  6. Last, the pain point is that this third instalments is not as good as their second movie. But way ahead compare to spin-off Minions. All in All, this might be a good movie for kid compare to the late Transformers and Spider-Man.

But, again, the choice is on your hands guys. I just feel so lucky to be able to watch this movie earlier and give some opinion about it. Despicable Me 3 will be screening on your nearby theater in Indonesia from July 12, 2017.

And yes, thanks to @anaknonton to make this opportunity happen again. You may follow their Twitter account, maybe you will get the chance too. And don’t forget to follow my Path account ya! 😁

PS: I give you an additional image for Despicable Me 3 below:


and their dictionary:



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