Movie Review: Spider-Man: Homecoming

I’m back! As previously informed on my last movie review, I’m going back to the cinema again to watch this new and anticipated super hero movie, SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING! As I believe many of you already know that this is not the sequel or a reboot of previous instalments but this is the first Spider-Man movie which attached in MCU. Yes, MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE! Let’s find my review below:


  1. Tom Holland really steal the show. He captured a different images of Peter Parker. I think he is better that the previous two in terms of bringing this early life of Spidey.
  2. Thanks to Mr. Keaton who bring this movie a good soul. I feel like he knows how to be a bad villain compare to other MCU villains (please omit Loki, he is born to be a villain anyway). Well, do you remember any real villains from MCU? I don’t think so?!.
  3. Have you seen the movie poster above? Do you see Zendaya? If yes, I think you will see less of her there. I feel her presence more like Vanessa in Gossip Girl, less show off but might steal your eyes. Just my question, why they don’t put Liz in the poster?
  4. Enough with the cast, let’s move to other part. Well, since this is a first time collaboration between MCU and Sony, my heart is torn in to two. Homecoming just good, but not that great Spidey movie. Both parties, MCU and Sony is like on-off relationship which make me feel the storyline a bit flat.
  5. But, who cares a lot with storylines in super heroes movies? You’ll experience the MCU standard in visual effects and also some giggling scenes. I spot you again Stan Lee.
  6. The one scene that surprise me was happened on the very last minute. Yep, those scene that some of you guys waiting from 2008! *damn I don’t want to spoil you guys*
  7. Speaking of scenes. Actually there are two post credit scenes. One is right after the closing song and the other one is starting at the very end of credit rolls. Trust me, you better get your ass off from your seat and forget the last one. Not that important, but well, still okay if you miss The Avengers member.
  8. I suggest you to watch this on regular format theater. Why? I feel that the effect is not that W.O.W to be seen on IMAX format. But if you have spare budget, you are more than welcome to watch this movie on IMAX.

Soo… I guess, this is the end of my review about Homecoming. Personally, I do think that this one is not the best Spidey ever, but this might be a best starting point for Spidey to join Marvel Universe! I give this movie 8 in a scale of 10.

What will be next review about? I bet you know if I just typed this one word: BANANA!! Don’t forget to follow my Path account ya and see you guys!

*Bonus: Post Credit Scenes*



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