Movie Review: Transformers: The Last Knight (2017)

Calling all Autobots! I come to earth to give some review about this latest Transformers The Last Knight movie. Let me transformed my review below:

transformer main

1. 5th installment and the flow is almost (if I may say “too”) similar like all the previous movies.

2. Spare your time to rewatch the 4th installment, some stories are linked. And if you still have plenty of time, you may add King Arthur too.

3. What could be more sexier if you could mixed Megan Fox (both her face and lips) in Brit accent? AH! There is Mrs. Haddock.

4. Again, similar with previous movie, some missing plot are still there, but personally, I think this one is getting better.

5. I love Anthony Hopkins. He will never be silence in this movie and still has that thrilling look.

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6. Missing Witwicky family? You’ll learn more about them here.

7. I hate this Mr. Bay signature: love scene in the middle of the war. So gengges you know!

8. Speaking of robotic war, this time is getting bigger! YES, IT’S GOING TO BE MESSY!

9. Don’t know which one is Autobot, Decepticon or even Dinobot? Don’t worry, they will inform you in brief in this movie. By the way, I do love Hot Rod accent, La France in the middle of British empire.

10. Sqweeks and Izabella (yes, with Z) will steal your eyes and heart. Oh how I missed Wall-E!

11. Waiting to see any post credit scene? Please don’t! It will appears right at the end of the movie. I bet there will be another installment soon.

12. With more than $200 million budget, the effects are worth to watch, but the stories so-so. I hate the ending part, so plain.

13. However, I will encourage you to watch this movie on IMAX, it will make your eyes happy.

Overall, my personal rating is 7.5 out of 10, thanks to CGI.

So kids, better go to the toilet earlier or you will be waiting in pain for the next 2 AND A HALF HOURS (yep 2h30m NOT 3h as wrongly informed earlier).

Last but not least, bunch of thanks to @anaknonton for giving me a chance to watch this movie earlier! Go follow them, who knows you are next. Plus, don’t forget to follow my Path account ya!

See you on the next Homecoming review gaes!

*Bonus: Post Credit Scenes*

3 thoughts on “Movie Review: Transformers: The Last Knight (2017)

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