Movie Review: The Mummy (2017)

To all mummies and puppies, after digging the tomb, below are my thoughts:

1. This is not a remake from Mr. Fraser version. Don’t ever expect a sun shining Egyptian views, expect malam di Arab with bunch of thrills.

2. This movie will be a starting point for other Dark Universe movies. Yep, I repeat: UNIVERSE.

3. As I told you on my previous post (the one with movie ticket image), I have a mixed feeling that this could be a spin off from Mission Impossible franchise. But, that feeling only lasted about 15 minutes and suddenly gone after I saw the scary Ahmanet arrived in London.

4. Kinda surprised with Mr. Crowe performance as Dr. Jekyll. Can not believe that he will be the next lead actor for the other movie.

5. Ms. Boutella is far better than Ms. Delevingne in terms of Égyptienne villain. She’s full of anger without losing her flirtatious looks.

6. Did Mr. Cruise having a bottox? Why he still not aging? WHY?

7. Just my two cents, for better viewing, I suggest you to go to IMAX. Their CGI is good though.

8. Oh, you may go early. Because there are no extra credit scenes. Thanks to Movie Corner for the info.

So, are you ready for the next Dark Universe movies? Let me know your thought in the comment sections. And don’t forget to follow my Path account here. #tsaaah #belaguk

One thought on “Movie Review: The Mummy (2017)

  1. I was impressed with all the cool and awesome animation and VFX by the CGI team. The animation and VFX made the movie so much fun and entertaining for me to watch. the story needed a bit more work to make the movie much more fun. and also I didn’t enjoy the acting as much as I expected.

    but, fantastic job by CGI team.

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