Movie Review: Wonder Woman (2017)

These are my wonders about the movie:

1. Agree with others, one of the best DC movie so far. The other one goes to Dark Knight series.

2. Gal Gadot is the PRINCE! Yes, she nailed it! Linda Carter must be proud of her.

3. Two hours long, but I don’t mind. Compared to BvS, this one worth my time.

4. I think Mr. Thewlis didn’t get any difficulties to act as Ares especially those hand gestures. Potter world tought him a lot.

5. Oh, this one is stand alone. No need to watch other DC movies. But if you do want to, I suggest go watch the lame BvS.

6. Welcome to the Super “Chris” Family, Mr. Pine. Even though you’re just a side kick here, you still deserve to be the member.

7. Mbak Gadot, the screen is yours. LITERALLY!

8. To save you a minute or two, you may leave the studio once the movie is done. No extra credit tittle. If you want to stay longer, do enjoy Sia’s song.

Umm.. let’s watch Ziarah soon and also The Mummy. And don’t forget to follow my Path account to find other movie reviews

Au revoir!

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