Movie Review: Power Rangers (2017)

These are the things:
1. Still loved the old rangers: costumes, casts even their zords.

2. Current rangers are good, more high tech motions zords and nice jokes!

3. Former Rita Repulsa and Goldar are IRREPLACEABLE *please don’t start singing “To The Left, To The Left” y’all ain’t Queen Bey and she’s not even in the movie*

4. I can only recall these zords during the movie: Tyrannosaurus, Pterodactyl and Tiger (?) and I surely can’t see Triceratops and Mamoth! Oh and •spoiler alert• I can’t see the motion when they merged into Megazord.

5. For those who never knew Power Rangers (wait, how come guys?!), the story line is good for you.

6. Wait for it, there will be 30 seconds post credit scene. Don’t go out that fast, we pay for 2 hours show rite? *pelit*

So, it’s safe to bring kids! I think this one will appeal to boys/girls compare to Beauty and The Beast, which I think kiddos will tired with the singing scenes.

Watching Power Rangers at Setiabudi XXI

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