Beauty and the Beast (2017) – a brief review

Here’s the things:

1. Emma Watson is gorjes. Still have those kid look (I compared her to 1992’s Belle), cute voice and still love her smiles.

2. It’s Disney in a music. All I can remember was Disneyland fireworks with its memorable music (oh wait, I still craving for Aladdin). 

3. Aunt Celine still has the powerful and magical voice! Ari and John are okay (please don’t expect to hear the trailer rendition).

4. Those who are afraid of “gay scene”, you just overthink. Yep, LeFou (the craziest- translated in English) is having a crushed on Gaston, but still safe for kids compare to adult (or other PG – above 13 yo based on LSF). They wrapped it as a comedy scene, again personally, I think it is still safe.

5. For my lovely friends who are actively posting your Instastories video, please stop recording some scene during screening. I don’t know what was your intention to do that, but even it was only 30 seconds long, it is still against the law. If you want to record the scene, just record it and save it for yourself. Respect their works. 

6. Last, enjoy this magical musical movie. Whole lot better than Cinderella (si wanita 🐍, if you still remember my earlier post 😝). 
You’re welcome!

Watching Beauty and the Beast at Setiabudi XXI

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