Hi.. Less than 24hour, and i already back here, back into the ‘social’ world.

Why i can change my mind this fast??

Friends of mine last night, taught me a lot. Most of them simply said: ‘all you have to do is just be who you are. This media already gave you so many chances and happiness.”. Slightly, i said ‘yes’ to myself. I need to be who i really am.

You and I are social people, none may change that. Whenever i become a very silent people or get mad or perhaps losing my mind and share it thru the media, friends, a very real one, knows and they will be there to comfort me.

On the ‘stalker’ issues, they simply said, it is a common problem, and it is the time for me to learn to be a better man. Stop trying to ‘search’ anything about something and someone will be the greatest challenge that i, and i believe you too, should concerned and reduce it bit by bit.

Nothing is wrong on the media, it is depend on me. But for sure, you can not be alone in this sinful world. Even Tom Hanks need a ball to talk to whenever he trapped in ‘Cast Away’. It is something to learned and be learned in return.

So here i am, back again in the media, and trying to be a better human with less ego.

*thanks to you… Mmm not you, but you* 😉

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