Antibiotics, capsules and even drugs.. Can you getting off of them to ease your pain?
Do you have the the word ‘enough’ when you keep on eating something while you know it’s already full up?
How about the transparent act, the act that you do to keep someone dangling?
Or maybe an elusive kudos that we both did each to other?

I try, trying so hard to blaming you for everything.
I try, trying so hard enjoying the moment for once.
I try, trying to feel about how good it feels to finally forgive you.
I try, trying to buried it all one at a time.

Being no longer a masochistic, by hurting myself around you.
Not equating death with stopping.

The moment I let go of all these.
Was the moment I got more than I could handle.
The moment I jumped off of it.
Was the moment that I touched down.

Disillusionment, frailty, consequence.
Silence, thank you.


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