Confetti Leaves

I was a daydream .. I was a daydreamer.
I was quite .. I was too much talking and acting.
I was unseen .. I was everywhere to show you that I am everywhere you are.

I lived in stories .. Stories that I wrote by my own without noticing others ideas.
I tried to keep a mystery .. But the Pandora’s is widely open even when you want to locked it.
I was a starling .. But deep down, I’m nobody’s darling.
I’m flying into the perfect circles .. Flying there just for company..

I know .. I am another sparkle in the sky.
I shine on copper .. But still undiscovered.
But I know you might .. You might see me in the corner of your eyes.

I waking up to wake up some days .. Now I am my own prey.
The wind blows .. Playing happily in the trees.
It’s kicking a confetti leaves .. Kicking them away to be free and abandoned.
It’s seems as if it’s all to say ..


But now .. And now.
Now I .. I know.
Know that .. That I’m.
I’m ready .. Ready to be.

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